Magnificent Maple Photography Workshop at the Arnold Arboretum:

These are a few photographs from a "How to Photograph Maple Trees" workshop I hosted at the Arnold Arboretum via the Boston Parks Department.

"The Arnold Arboretum has an extensive collection of maples (Acer spp.), containing 141 of the approximately 230 maple taxa from around the world. Because of its diverse and numerous holdings of wild-collected maples, the Arnold Arboretum is designated as one of the North American Plant Collections Consortium's maple collection sites. Our collection is especially rich in rare and unusual Asian maples, including a number of endangered species. Because of these valuable accessions the Arboretum’s maple collection was ranked as the most significant in the world for conservation purposes in a report by Botanic Gardens Conservation International. This organization, which promotes plant conservation efforts at botanic gardens and similar institutions, analyzed the maple collections of 228 institutions in 37 countries and found that the Arboretum holds the greatest number of Acer species listed as endangered or critically endangered in the wild. Maples are valued as garden ornamentals, shade trees, and timber, and of course there’s also maple syrup, the tasty result of collecting and reducing the sap of sugar maple (Acer saccharum). Many maples are noted for their outstanding displays of autumn foliage in shades of yellow, orange, and red. While less showy than the fall color, maple flowers are also quite beautiful upon close inspection when they bloom in spring."