Feb 19, 2013

In Memory of April Letteney Smith

In Memory of April Letteney Smith

Today is a sad day. Today I found out my dear friend April Letteney Smith lost her fight with cancer. April fought so hard!

This is one of my favorite pictures of April that I took on her wedding day. April and Jeff's wedding was the first wedding I photographed. I was so nervous. I vividly remember April telling me "Don't even worry about the pictures Sheryl, all that matters on that day is that I am marrying the man I love." April really put what matters into perspective, she always did. What April said to me on that day resonated deeply. She has always had a way of seeing what is really important in life and never taking things for granted.

Rest well dear April. We pray for you, your family, Smitty, and your babes.