Client Reviews:
"Sheryl Pace is an awesome person and photographer. Her and her husband were wonderful additions to our wedding. They were both extraordinarily professional down to matching attire that camouflaged them perfectly. Our photos were beautiful and they both adjusted to our style request. Both are artists to their bones and will make any couple very happy on their wedding day. Her website does not do her justice. They were willing to travel to our location, visited our location ahead of time, arranged initial meetings to discuss what we were looking for and our goals at our wedding. They looked out for us at the wedding, kept track of our timing, checked in frequently on us to inquire if we wished for any addition photos. We would recommend this photography team to any couple and they are not afraid or unwilling to get "down & dirty" for any photo you would like. Around 8pm, we snuck out of our reception for some sunset shots but the weather decided to bring on some rain but Sheryl and her husband came prepared with umbrellas and while, Sheryl captured some really cool "moody" shots of us, her husband, the gentleman, held the umbrella over the photography equipment. Wonderful team that seem to have loads of fun with our wedding and location as I believe they would with any..."
posted 7/25/2011 by bride: 
Katie Boettcher
Wedding: 6/25/2011 

"This definitely goes down as the greatest running photo of me ever taken.  Usually they are cringe-worthy so thank you for making me feel like a 'real' runner :)"
posted 7/15/2012 by runner:
Kimberly Mikesh
Tory Row 5K